CBD vs Prescription Drugs.

The use of cannabis as medicine has increased significantly over the past decade as a prescribed method and adopting a more permanent stance in the healthcare industry. There is a lot of evidence that cannabis functions as a natural alternative for prescription drugs, particularly opioids.

So, with the increased legalization, availability, and use of CBD in many states now, how does it actually compare to its prescribed counterpart?

During a recent survey conducted by Brightfield Group, almost 60% of the patients responded that CBD was just as effective, if not more, as prescription medication they have taken in the past. An impressive 75% reported CBD being far more effective than anything available over-the-counter.

Outside of effectiveness the other two huge case building points lobbying for CBD use. CBD not only has many of the same benefits of prescription drugs but none of the potentially extreme side-effects. Lastly, there is always the conversation of cost. Americans average about $1,200 a year in prescription medications and an annual cost of one of our Hemp Tree alternatives is only $359.88 (if one product is purchased once a month annually, pre tax.) Are you ready to try The Evergreen Alternative?

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