Our Story.

HEMP TREE is a female run business, founded and directed by partners Antastasia Harris & Sharvon Samuels.
Antastasia spent 22 years in the health care industry across pediatrics, geriatrics, internal meds, and radiology fields.

Following the legalization of medical marijuana in New York, and many first person accounts of how CBD products helped her patients, Antastasia became intrigued to find out more about how naturally occurring CBD could be reliably used in alternative remedies to alleviate minor symptoms, without prescription pharmaceuticals.

After 2 and a half years of medical research and in-depth product exploration, we have identified what we feel are the most beneficial applications of topical and edible CBD remedies safely available as wellness alternatives.

Antastasia Harris & Grandchildren

Antastasia Harris & Grandchildren


We offer full transparency about our sourcing. We never use anything less than the highest quality, full spectrum CBD oil. Locally grown in New York State by our favorite certified farm. Each HEMP TREE product is third-party laboratory approved and given a Certificate of Analysis and also elevated with additional vitamins and nutrients.

Full spectrum CBD oil is considered to be the most effective, as it contains cannabinoids, terpenes, essential fatty acids and other beneficial compounds that together create what we like to call 'the entourage effect.' An observed mechanism in which cannabis compounds other than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC,) act synergistically to modulate the overall positive psychoactive effects of the plant.

Whether edible or topical, our products are certified safe, with zero trace of THC detection.


From plant to product, we take our part in sustainability seriously. Our plants are grown and processed in the same facility as the productions takes place, greatly limiting the number of shipments needed, before sending to our customers. Reducing our carbon footprint is not only better for the environment, it allows us to pass transport savings to you.

We researched many packaging options and only use glass bottles and containers that are toxin free and fully recyclable.
For certain products, we use small amouts of plastic only as a necesssity. (Ex: dropper bulb)


We strive to make affordable, everyday wellness support accessible to everyone. We believe it's our responsibility to share our learning and provide a reliable resource of information about the multitude of health benefits in trustworthy CBD products.

"I am now using 6 different Hemp Tree products on a daily basis and I feel better than ever."

"I have not been able to get a restful sleep in years. My mind is very active while I am sleeping. I also have restless leg syndrome which usually wakes me up at least twice during the night. I have taken several sleep aides over the years. I don’t like the morning after effects of the sleep aides. My primary care physician suggested that I try CBD. I did some research on my own and decided to try Hemp Tree products. I tried the good night gummies along with the sleep tinctures. I could not believe it, I SLEPT THE ENTIRE NIGHT! Something I have not done in years. I can honestly say it was the most restful sleep I have had since starting my company over 20 years ago. I called my PC and thanked him. I also told him about the blend of vitamins incorporated with the CBD. My PC was blown away. He was excited that magnesium was one of the vitamins. Which also helps promote a restful sleep. My PC is now recommending Hemp Tree Sleep aides to his patients! Another one of my favorites is the mind control shrooms. Thank you Hemp Tree!" – Mr. Babacar

Mr. Babacar

Mr. Babacar




Product Lineup

*These statements/products have not been approved by or evaluated by the food and drug administration
and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.