HEMP TREE’s Pain Relief Extra Tincture with CBD is designed to release tension and increase blood flow directly to the muscles. Our Full Spectrum formula will reduce pain and promote a sense of comfort combined with Borage Oil, Cat’s Claw extract, and Capsicum.

FLAVOR: Mixed Berry


Product Descriptions

Bring relief to your day with HEMP TREE’s Pain Relief Extra Tincture with CBD. Our tinctures combine the most powerful compounds found in Cannabis, promoting the Entourage Effect which supports health and boosts the effectiveness of CBD in the body. HEMP TREE always aims to provide an all-natural, evergreen alternative.

Shake well before use. Place 1mL under the tongue and let it absorb for 30 seconds before swallowing.

Guaranteed non-detectable THC in this product.  

All HEMP TREE products are made with the Full Spectrum formula, a highly effective form of CBD, packed with vitamins and minerals, and also third-party laboratory tested for quality and compliance. 

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